Welcome to milkladsforever.neocities.org!

I am Justin, and this is a website that I am working on as a place to show things I am working on, plus this is me self-teaching myself HTML! If you couldn't tell, this site is a work in progrss. It will look better soon. Go follow me on Twitter.

What have I played?

I purchased Pokemon Scarlet and Violet the day it released. Scarlet and Violet are the first open world games in the Pokemon series.



Final Thoughts

I am honestly conflicted by these games. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have great ideas, but didn't execute them that well. From what I can tell, I think these games needed more time to bake in the oven, and this is obvious due to the terrible preformance. We didn't need another Pokemon game this year, especially since we got Legend Arceus in January. If you want to get a Pokemon game for your friend or kid, I'd recommend getting Legends Arceus instead.

Pokemon SV OU teams

I play Smogon's Pokemon metagame. With the release of Pokemon Home, I have stared playing OU again. I removed the old Uber tier teams, as they are majorly outdated with the release of all of the old box art legendaries into the Ubers format. Instead, I will be uploading my OU tier teams to the site. As the tier is in the early stages of the HOME metagame, I will update these teams if anything gets banned.